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New package & 2 New Classes


Introducing a New Package !

Solo Special ~ $50 for a 5 week unlimited available for all students once every calander year .

Introducing New Classes

Gentle Basics – 

The Gentle Basics Class is a therapeutic yoga series made to help anyone , no matter any inabilities , to break the ice on what yoga can do for them . This class is a great response to the usual sentiment of ” I can’t practice yoga because I’m not flexible ” . Well the Gentle Basics class does not require flexibility , it instead works on how to safely raise & lower the heart rate , lubricate the joints internally , and build the core skeletal strength & balance necessary not only for yoga , but for everyday life . The idea of class is how to work every muscle safely , and untie the knots in the body for more comfortable flexibilty .

The posture sequence provides an efficient workout , and will open up the bodies range of motion without forcing anything . The fluid sequencing of poses raises the heart rate enough that the heightened circulation helps you to feel more range of motion during class than usual , helps relieve tension in the muscles & joints , and removes blockage from the circulation system . These are yoga benefits everyone needs .

This class is for anyone with limited range of motion , balance , or strength , and for those with tension related pain in the joints , muscles , ligaments , tendons , and nervous system . The class is structured to be able to untie the knots in the body for more comfortable flexibilty , and to build the stability strength necessary for everyday life . This series of postures can be safely performed dispite any inabilities while still offering levels of intensity that build great strength , and relieve much tension .

Glenn originally put this class together to offer his parents a yoga series that started them off where they were , instead of expecting them to do a class that was above their level . By coming to them at their level they were able to achieve much progress in their balance , flexibilty , core strength , breath capacity , sleeping habits , digestion , over all energy , and many other aspects of their lives .

This class is for people who need gentle yoga therapy , or people who are terrified of yoga but want to try it anyway . Come to get your yoga feet wet , and next thing you know you’ll be doing backbends & arm balancing in the circus , or at least dreaming about it .

Hsing-I Kung-Fu – 

This ancient Kung-fu form is not a Lionflow class , but is part of Glenn Brown’s training . Hsing-I is an internal martial art based on energy flow , and the immitation of animals & elements through linear martial arts sequence . One of the ideas is to build coordination , balance , and heightened reaction time with forms that coordinate the hands with the feet , the knees with elbows , and the hips with the shoulders .

In the class there is a kicking & punching warm up mixed with short yoga sequence specifically for depth & balance in stances , strength & range of motion in punches & kicks , and flexibility in the joints & spine . There is also Qi-gong in the warm up , which is a traditional Kung-fu warm up , and as well some time is also spent working on push hands to loosen up , and warm up the body . The main portion of time is spent on animal & element forms .

This is a Martial Arts class with no belt systems , or sparring . Forms , function , coordination , and efficient warm ups & warm downs are the focus . This class is benefitual for a fighters stability & coordination , and for yogi’s a fun dance , and a non aggressive way to learn excellent self-defense .

These are specialty classes , and times & locations may vary , so check for class times & locations .