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Classic 84 class

The Classic 84 class¬†is for donation only , and a disciplined yoga practice is recommended . You don’t have to be a contortionist , but you do need to know how to practice safely . A minimum of a year of experience practicing yoga is required .

The Classic 84 class is an interpretation of the root yoga series from which all yoga series derived . Passed from teacher to student for many generations . Interpreted & reinterpreted . Adjustsments are made for different needs of the different generations , though the core remains . This challenging class opens up the body to learn any posture , ¬†even those not in the class , and also prepares the body & mind for more effective seated meditation . One of the original intentions of practicing yoga postures was to prepare the body for seated meditation . Asana , commonly translated to ” pose or posture ” , actually at its root means ” to sit ” . This is a great class for yoga teachers , dancers , martial artist , and serious athletes of all types including disciplined yoga practitioners .

Note from Glenn

” Recently the studio I have been teaching this Classic 84 class at for the past decade was asked by the owner of the franchise to not teach what was known as the “advanced class” at the Bikram studios anymore , and to focus on teaching the beginner Bikram class at the Bikram studios . This newsletter was sent to all Bikram studios . I am willing to comply , and it is easy enough just to teach the beginner Bikram classes at Bikram studios . That has always been the focus at Bikram studios , and the advanced class has served as a way to help students who want to progress their practice with more postures , and a great way to train people for the yoga championship which is based on the poses from the Classic 84 class . So in compliance I will not teach this class at the Bikram studio , and will teach it instead at the Lionflow Studio , and wherever else people would like to practice it . I have been practicing this class for 12 years , and teaching it for 10 . It is part of my heart , part of my practice , and I will continue to share it . I do not claim to own this class , and in fact nobody does . Yet still it makes its way through time . I am excited to offer this class at the Lionflow studio , and to continuing to train competitors for the yoga championship . It is what I feel compelled to do , and so I will . With both respect to my teachers , and to students safety & progress .”