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International Day of Yoga

Happy International Yoga Day / Fathers Day / Summer Solstice!

In honor of all of the above the 1pm & 2pm classes will be free today , next Sunday the 28th all classes will be free ( 845am Flow 3 , 1pm Intro , 2pm Gentle Basics ).

Also if we could get some yoga pictures today to honor the International Yoga Day , I will make a collage to hang at the studio. So go wild ! Interesting poses in interesting locations!  Just send your photos to to be included . All will be included , this is not a contest . Express you , and together let’s express how yoga is for everyone ! The fun , the challenges , the trails & triumphs! The circle has no corners , and all aspects of the journey have their place & purpose . I’ll give one week for submission, and will then post the collage .

Have a great weekend !