Monthly Archives: December 2015

Grand Opening Party

The Grand Opening Party for the new Lionflow Yoga Studio is today , Satuday 12/12/15 , from 1230 to 2pm . There will be snacks , drinks , and you can bring something if you like. This Party is potluck style . Children are welcome, and everyone else is too 😉

Have a great weekend!


Here is Rumi with a farewell namaste’ to the old studio . The journey continues, and it’s been quite an adventure already. 

Soft opening

The new studio is not completely finished, but we will still open for class this morning. The signs are not up yet , and won’t arrive in the mail until tomorrow , so go by the address for now , and park on Jay Street, or behind the house on the parking pad . Please do not use any of the neighbors parking . 

Today & tomorrow we will be practicing in the front room studio , while the back room is completed . Saturday we will have a Grand opening party after the 12pm class . We’ll have desserts & drinks . Just type in 1931 E. Spring St. Into your gps , and ther shouldn’t be a problem finding the studio . Have a
great week & we look forward to seeing you in class !