Monthly Archives: August 2016

Good Thingsย 

Hello Everyone ,

So … this old dinosaur is trying to learn some new tricks . The Lionflow Yoga Studio is now on Mind Body . What does that mean ? Well , now you can buy classes / gift certificates / & pay for workshops online , you can check in for classes online , and you could write nice things about the studio for people to read ๐Ÿ˜‰ We can also easily keep track of your classes , and since we are still having class at the Spring street location during the new studio renovations , you can see if there is room in class for you , if we get everyone to start checking in prior to class . So lets give it a shot , so if your planning to come to class try going on the site to check in . Here is the link for the Lionflow Yoga Mind Body website -

Secondly , Lionflow Yoga now has a subscription website on Vimeo ! There are the options to subscribe for access to all of the videos , or to buy or rent individual videos . The site will be dedicated to helping build a safe & progressive home yoga practice . So you can write me on the site , tell me your needs/ wants & I will post a video for you that is named after you ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is the link to the Vimeo site –

Thirdly , Glenn became a certified Tai Chi Instructor early this month ! So soon we will have sign ups for a 6 to 8 week Tai Chi session , meeting a couple times a week . This Tai Chi style ( there are 5 main styles of Tai Chi ) was composed by Dr. Paul Lam for arthritis & fall prevention using the Sun style of Tai Chi . What does that mean ? This Tai Chi class is for all levels , and it’s therapeutic qualities are good for everyone . For yoga practicioners this Tai Chi form is good for learning to have smooth steady strength in the movements between poses , and will help soothe & strengthen the deep , hard to reach places in the joints & internal muscle structure . This means quicker recovery & reduced inflammation. All good things ! We are excited to add this to the Lionflow Yoga Schedule , and will keep you updated on class times & sign ups . 

Lastly – A new facebook Lionflow Yoga page is up . On it you can check in to let your friends know they need to come practice yoga with you … and us ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the Workshops will be posted on there as well . Here is the link –

That is all for now . Have a great weekend , and we look forward to practicing with you !