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Welcoming Stephanie Fish

Stephanie Fish is coming aboard as our Yin Yoga Teacher! She will be teaching the weekly 6pm Sunday Yin Yoga class starting this Sunday. This class is definitely for all levels of students, and it is a wonderful way to get mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for the week ahead.

Here are a few words from Stephanie

” I am a sports marketing event coordinator with Norton Healthcare. I assist with coordinating athletic events that Norton sponsors and hosts, as well as coordinate the training programs for all of these events. Basically, I run and bike and motivate for a living! I also am an avid dog lover and triathlete ๐Ÿ™‚

After several years practicing yoga (and falling in love with it), I trained & received my 200 hour certification in April 2017 at Yoga Baum in Louisville. Since then, I have taught various styles at Sadhana, Climb Nulu, UofL, Louisville Collegiate School, and the YMCA.
I enjoy the passive, deep, beneficial practice of yin, and look forward to joining Array Yoga! “

Soft Opening Tomorrow 5/12/18

The 10:30 am class Saturday at Array Yoga Studio is open to the public! No reservation required, but you can reserve your spot in class with this link – Reserve Class/prepay or buy package

The weekly schedule is not posted yet, but it will be updated & posted this weekend. You are guaranteed 15 to 20 weekly classes with the new schedule, a full Lionflow Yoga schedule with at least 5 more styles of yoga on the regular schedule as well. Not to mention the Tai Chi & Qigong classes, Workshops, and kids classes coming this summer.

You can help Array Yoga Studio get started just by coming to class, or sharing this post. You also have the option to take advantage of two limited time packages. These two packages will only be available for the next two weeks in preparation for the Grand opening!

One year unlimited – $750

10 classes – $75

These two offers expire May 26th, so take advantage while you can with the same link provided above.

Outside of these packages the studio rates are being adjusted to be attractive, and accommodating with different options between auto debt & in studio only specials.

We look forward to seeing you in class ! Have a wonderful day !

Glenn Brown

Array Yoga Studio Manager

Founder of Lionflow Yoga

Adjunct Professor of Yoga & Tai Chi @ IUS

Free Lionflow Yoga class tonite at 545pm. It will possibly be outside by the Riverfront . Meeting at 37 Bank St. New Albany In. I’ll be there by 530. Lionflow Intro Form, all levels welcome

Last Day at Home Studio

Today , Saturday 5/5/18 , will be the last class at the Lionflow Yoga Home Studio. It is a welcome transition, and we will be opening as Array Yoga at the new location, which is 37 Bank St. Suite #6. Lionflow Yoga classes & schedule will remain , and be added to, but with this move we will be opening our doors to more teachers & more styles. You will also see the website go through an overhaul.
There are quite a few things on the checklist to get things moved & ready for business. So the studio will be closed Sunday 5/6 – Friday 5/11 .
More updates will be posted soon. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

New Space New Studio Name

Ok, so since I have a few announcements to make I’ve sorted them into a storyline. So … to get started.

What is going on with the Lionflow Yoga Home Studio renovation? Good question, I’m glad you asked. We are about two & a half years into the renovation, and our general contractor has lost vision in one eye & gone through two surgeries this year. He has recently been released to work again. So it looks like we’ll get to keep working with our contractor under our current contract, which is great considering the cost of getting things done outside of our contract.
Outside of that… the city is doing extensive work on the water systems all around the Locust St. Home/Studio, so oddly enough it is a good thing we are not there right now.

This brings me to my point. After nearly two & a half years I can no longer try to maintain my business in a hibernation mode. I am ready to not have my studio a tiny living room anymore. I also do not want to teach all the classes anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to teach a lot, but I envision a more complete schedule with a diverse array of yoga styles & teachers. So I am further dividing the individual parts of my business, Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts, LLC.

I developed Lionflow Yoga from a diverse array of influences, and when I began my own studio it seemed natural to call it Lionflow Yoga Studio & fill the schedule with Lionflow Yoga classes. Now, 10 years later I see things a little differently. Especially after the past several years of filling my extra time teaching classes at a variety of studios & businesses. I have come to the conclusion that I would like the studio I’ve created to better express the meaning of the word โ€œyogaโ€, which is unity. So I am dividing Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts LLC into two parts. One part is the style of yoga I’ve developed, and the books, trainings, class forms, and art that will continually be in development, and separate from that the Studio where classes are held.

While teaching at IUS I have found more evidence to support that most people are not even aware that there are different styles of yoga. I love the history, details, and differences between styles, and teach the IUS class to express the multitude of styles there are to try, and things there are to learn. I believe every style & studio have their purpose, and will appeal to, and help a different crowd of people. That being said there is a competitive, we are right & they are wrong, mentality between different studios. I believe this is adverse to the intention of yoga. If anybody should express & offer a more accepting, and diverse community it is the yoga community. Spiritual, physical, restorative, contortionist, therapeutic, ancient, or newly conceived… it is all yoga. Obviously there are different kinds of benefits from doing postures different ways, and styles that benefit some more than others. But it is the diversity that makes yoga accommodating to more people.

I want to express that diversity in my own studio, and even to create a studio that can stand alone as โ€œourโ€ studio instead of โ€œmineโ€. So with the Home/Studio in the future for Lionflow Yoga, I am going to stop waiting, and follow through with a new studio idea. I have signed the lease at 37 Bank St. Suite #6 , New Albany In. This spot is beautiful, it is part of a courtyard called the Underground Station, and it is close to the New Albany Riverfront & Amphitheater ( which means lots of awesome outside classes too ).

My plan for this space is to move a beefed up Lionflow Yoga schedule there, and to add to the schedule an array of other yoga style classes. Starting with the Classic 84 taught by my wife & I , along with restorative Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Meditation, kids classes, Tai Chi, Qigong, and an immediate unfolding array of workshops.

By the time the Home/Studio is complete ( 6 months to a year ), I hope to have diversified the schedule with enough yoga teachers & styles to move Lionflow Yoga Studio into the Home/Studio, and to keep the Underground station going as something all its own. A neutral zone where teachers of all styles are welcome. In this environment the teachers & students will be inspired & thrive.

So with the Studio move comes a new Studio name, Array Yoga . Lionflow Yoga Studio will be doing business as Array Yoga until the Home/Studio is completed, and as we grow the business, and find the teachers to diversify the schedule. When the Home/Studio is complete we could possibly keep both Array Yoga Studio & Lionflow Yoga Studio going in their separate locations. We will see how the year unfolds.

So what to expect next? For starters some much shorter post with specific details. As well you will notice the website & Facebook site getting facelifts for the opening of Array Yoga Studio. Lastly … you can expect some great class package deals offered for a limited time to help you get started back, and to help the new studio location get started up. You can also expect a class schedule with a ton more classes on it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I express my heart, and tell you of my vision. It is not so much just a vision now though… because the lease has been signed ๐Ÿ˜

I look forward to sharing this space with you, and will get back to you soon with the closing date for the home studio, and an opening date for Array Yoga Studio!


Glenn Brown

Owner / Manager

Lionflow Progressive Yoga and Arts LLC