Monthly Archives: February 2019

Small adjustments to schedule

Effective today 2/26/19, Tuesday & Thursday night classes will begin at 6:30pm (instead of 6pm). So now there is a 6:30pm class every night of the week accommodating to all levels of students.

As well Ayanna’s Classic Hatha Yoga class will now be part of the weekly regular schedule at Array Yoga Studio.

Have a great week & we look forward to seeing you in class!

Yin & Yang class moving to Tuesday

Hello everyone! I hope you are staying warm & healthy!

One announcement for today & more info about the Classic 84 Breakdown focus for this Sunday will be posted tomorrow.

The announcement for today ; The Yin & Yang Yoga class is moving to Tuesday night at 6pm. It will be in place of the Hatha Yoga Wild Card. This also means the first class on Saturday’s ( for now ) will be the Community class at 11:15am.

Another small schedule adjustment; the 10:30am class on Sundays is canceled while the Classic 84 Hatha Yoga Class Breakdown is in session the next 9 weeks.

All students are welcome to the Classic 84 Hatha Yoga class. This is a great chance to learn small things that add to your practice in big ways. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget Ayanna is still teaching her wonderful class at 12:30pm on Saturday.

STAY WARM! STAY SAFE! We’ll see you in class.