Closed two days & New Year Schedule

Array Yoga Studio will be closed this Friday & Saturday , 1/10/20 & 1/11/20, due to some unexpected travel. Apologies for the late notice.

Also for the New Year Schedule, there is a big change, and a little change.

The big change, the weekday morning classes are canceled due to a schedule conflict with my IUS yoga class schedule. I apologize for this inconvenience, but hope we fill the night classes up. There will still be a Saturday morning 10 am Lionflow all Level.

The little change. Starting Monday 1/13/20 there will be a 6:45 pm Lionflow Yoga Intro added to the regular schedule.

Those familiar with the studio know me, Glenn Brown, and know Array Yoga Studio is part of my heart. With these schedule changes even more focus will be put on quality over quantity with the classes, as I also work to finish the Renovation for the next studio, and prepare the Lionflow Yoga Books, and Video site for release.

Thank you with all my heart for supporting Array Yoga Studio! Great things are coming, Happy New Year!

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