Monthly Archives: August 2020

2 week staycation

Hello everyone,

Array Yoga Studios online classes are canceled for the next two weeks. I just finished teaching the IUS Summer semester, and between now & the 24th is the first break I’ve had since …. before the lockdown. I apologize for any inconvenience, but to remedy that I’ll be sending the regulars a private playlist of around 5 classes for free. I appreciate those who have helped me keep motivated more than I can easily express. The free playlist is a small gesture.

In the meantime I will work to prepare for in person classes again working on the garage, and the next studio. Completion does not have a set date, so after the vacation the classes maybe online again until things are 100% ready.

Coming up is the beginning of a brand new type of semester at IUS, all online for maximum safety. This is a contrast to opening at the studio, but Array Yoga will host a maximum of 5 when it opens, whereas my largest class at IUS has 25 students. I am taking serious consideration to my family, and students safety.

This time will also be takin to enhance the on demand offerings, and to take on new challenges myself, to offer you my absolute best, and to be an example of what I teach. Part of that is knowing what is important. After all these trials together I need to give my family, my heart, and soul time to recuperate . I truly want to offer my best, and this has been on my heart, so now here it is so that I can have peace. We so often forget about our own well being, which makes it hard to offer anything close to our best.

So taking note from the universe itself , two weeks off the Array Yoga schedule classes begins today, but I will be in touch online as projects are completed. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Owner & Manager

Array Yoga Studio / Lionflow Yoga HQ