Class Descriptions

Main Lionflow Yoga Class Levels

Lionflow Yoga Intro Form – The focus of this class level is… Focus & Stability. Formulated to loosen the common modern knots in the body, and to build the skeletal, breath, and leverage strength to safely progress your practice with a therapeutic methodology. This is an all level class that offers the tools to safely develop your practice. Kids, seniors, and those with therapeutic needs are encouraged to participate.

Lionflow L1 FormThe focus of this class level is Form & Strength. Building on the focus & stability of the Intro Form by learning to lean into our strength with gentle moves into powerful postures. Building more strength & tolerance in new movements, and newly discovered ranges of motion. This blend of Qigong & non repetitive yoga sequence leaves the body in optimal condition for whatever comes next. This class is a challenge, but is designed for everyone. Concentration & relaxation are well balanced in this all level class.

Lionflow L2 FormThe focus of this class level is Flow & Stamina. Learning to use the strength of leverage & breath, in coordination with alignment & movement to seek the stamina of efficiency. Learning not to waste a moment, a breath, a possible moment of concentration so the blood can flow smoothly, and more helpfully from one pose to the next. Massaging the body inside & out with circulation, for maximum therapy, and awareness of both your strengths & weaknesses. This class is a beautiful slow dance of Yoga, Qigong, and moving & still Meditation. Inspired by the evolution of each Lionflow posture sequence over decades, where they lead, and honoring all that influenced the development of Lionflow Yoga. This class is advanced, and experience is advised. Don’t shy away though, a disciplined practice & a safe approach is all that is suggested. An advanced class is just more poses to try for someone who can move with control.

3 Hatha Yoga Class Levels

Hatha Yoga (All Level) – This class is a slowed down Vinyasa style class, that prepares you for swifter classes by giving you more time in the poses, within a thoughtful flow inspired by all the styles & poses within the teachers experience. This class offers the balance of posture, breathing techniques, and meditation of Classical Hatha Yoga with modern influences to form, flow, poses, and props. This class is for all levels, and a great stepping stone toward feeling comfortable in any physical yoga class.

Classical Hatha Yoga (L1)- This class is a physical yoga for all body’s. Inspired by the common experiences of a discplined yoga practice, and research into the traditional methods of Hatha Yoga class. This class is great for releasing deep tension, growing deep personal knowledge of each pose, and experiencing a class method that offers the wisdom of Yoga Masters, passed through the ages, and beyond the veil of what is common & popular. This class is brought to life at Array Yoga by the work of Ayanna Brown. Ayanna’s dedication to her practice & teaching has inspired many, in many ways, and her continued work & growth with inspire many more. This class is for all levels.

Classic 84 (Hatha L2) – This class is an interpretation of the root yoga series from which all yoga series derived. Passed from teacher to student for many generations. Interpreted & reinterpreted. Adjustments are made for the different needs of the different generations, though the core remains . This challenging class opens up the body to learn any posture , even those not in the class , and also prepares the body & mind for more effective seated meditation . One of the original intentions of practicing yoga postures was to prepare the body for seated meditation . Asana , commonly translated to ” pose or posture ”, actually at its root means ” to sit ” . This is a great class for yoga teachers , dancers , martial artist , and serious athletes of all types including disciplined yoga practitioners .

Modern Hybrid Styles

Yin Yoga (All Level) – This class is a wonderful complement to any practice, and to the fast pace of life, with the influences of Taoism & a traditional Taoist called Taoist Yin. A practice of guiding circulation through the body. You are led through a short, simple sequence of poses held for two to five minutes. The sequence are meticulously refined by the teacher to target specific needs, and are adapted to the students with helpful guidance in alignment, and the use of props. This method can release deep tension from the connective tissues of the body, and help even the anxious spirit fall in love with the meditative & relaxing moments of class. All levels of students are welcome. Bring your family & friends to this class for what feels like a 3 hour power nap, somehow achieved in an hour.

Yin & Yang Yoga This class is closer to the original form of Taoist Yin practices than Yin Yoga because it holds active poses, as well as relaxing poses for longer periods of time to more intensely guide the circulation through the body, and to release deep tension from the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons. It is also different from it’s counter part Yin Yoga because it uses more of a balance of moving sequence & still poses, and is also influenced by Hatha Yoga, and Qigong sequence. Each class is blended from the teachers own personal influences to reach the goal of balance between work & relaxation, and movement & stillness. All levels are welcome, and it will be both a challenging, and a rewarding experience.