Classic 84 Breakdown Workshop Series

Kung-fu Tao

I am thrilled to announce that I will be adding Kung-fu classes to the schedule. The classes are titled ” Kung-fu Tao Class “. This is not the name of the style, it is simply the name of class, and means ” The Kung-fu Way “. The styles we will be training in are Xingyiquan, Hsing-I, Taijiquan, Qigong, and more. Simply said, Wudang, which is the internal martial arts of Kung-fu, focused on mind & body control, and wellness. What does that mean. These classes will not have sparring, or punching bags, but instead forms passed down to me from my teacher Master Bu Hong ( Keith Dwan ). It is an honor to teach a style with lineage, and I am excited to be able to offer it to you.

I began training with Master Bu Hong in 2001 after meeting him in 2000. He inspired & encouraged me to create my own Kung-fu warm up, and that is why Lionflow Yoga was created. Now coming full circle, Lionflow Yoga will be used to warm up for Kung-fu class tonight.

It can be difficult to explain something so important to you to others. Hard to find the words that carry the same weight as your emotions, and maybe it lacks the importance to others that it does to you, but don’t let that discourage you. We need each others unique talents to make a more complete culture & world view. Now, after 20 years of preparation, I am open to sharing this part of my journey.

More information, and opportunities to practice will be coming soon. For now you can join the Kung-fu Tao classes on Wednesday from 7:15 to 8pm. Checkout the website to sign up. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

New Class Schedule

Hello Eveyone

This week we begin a new schedule.

Tuesday – 7pm Lazy Lion Yin Yoga.

Wednesday – 6:15pm Lionflow Yoga Intro

Wednesday – 7:15pm Kung-fu Tao Class.

Thursday – 7pm Lionflow Yoga Intermediate Form.

Class prices will remain the same for now, and yoga packages will work for the Kung-fu Tao Class for now. More new classes & announcements coming soon. This schedule is effective immediately. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from Array Yoga Studio, Lionflow Yoga HQ. We will be closed this week for the Wednesday & Thursday night class. We’ll be back open for business next week, and there will be some new classes & Workshops announced very soon. Happy Holidays!

Closed for two weeks

Hello All,

The Brown bunch is heading out of town. We are making a journey to see my teacher, and to have some family time. Array Yoga will be open for class two weeks from today on August 31st. Exciting things are in store. We’ll see you on the flip side 🙏

2022 USA Yoga Championship

2022 USA Yoga Championship Starts today! You can watch it Live stream starting at 1pm –

The event goes through Sunday, which is Finals day. Check out this link for the schedule.

Off to the National Yoga Championship

Array Yoga Studio will be closed July 27th & 28th. We are off to the USA Yoga National Championship atthe State Games of America in Iowa. I’ll post a link tomorrow so you can watch the event live online this weekend.

Closed for Ice Storm

Array Yoga Studio will be closed tonight 2/3/2022.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

For Thanksgiving week at Array Yoga Studio we will have the Wednesday night class on 11/24/21, and no class Thursday night, 11/25/21. Have a great holiday, and check back on the website for cyber Monday, because some special offerings will be available.

Little flip flop

Hello all,

Just making one… two small changes to the existing studio schedule.

1. Wednesday & Thursday night classes will move to 7pm.

2. Lazy Lion Yin Yoga will be on Wednesday @ 7pm & Lionflow Yoga will be on Thursday @ 7pm.

That is all for now. More classes & news coming soon.

Array Yoga Studio, Lionflow Yoga HQ