Garage in progress

Apologies that the online classes didn’t start back as scheduled. The focus is on completing a studio space for Array Yoga Studio to have in person classes again. This journey has had many ups & downs. The online classes have as well. It is my assessment that random times work better for online classes, announced one at a time.

So my solution. We will keep the regular Thursday & Saturday online classes, and more classes will be announced & advertised individually.So there is class tonight, 9/17/2020, and Saturday this week. The time may have to change based on circumstances, and notice will be given for such.

This is not a full schedule, but does allow more time to work on getting the studio ready for live classes.

Lastly, I was working on a class series called ” the Art of Yoga “, and of course, as it turns out this name is taken. So the class series will be named ” Yoga & Tao with Glenn Brown “. This title is available as far as I know.Anyway, I hope everyone is safe & well, and I look forward to seeing you online & on the mat soon.


Glenn Brown

R & D


The schedule for Array Yoga Studio moving forward is still being developed. There will not be class tonight, Tuesday, 9/8/2020, but there will be class ( online ) Thursday, 9/10/2020. I will post more info asap.

2 week staycation

Hello everyone,

Array Yoga Studios online classes are canceled for the next two weeks. I just finished teaching the IUS Summer semester, and between now & the 24th is the first break I’ve had since …. before the lockdown. I apologize for any inconvenience, but to remedy that I’ll be sending the regulars a private playlist of around 5 classes for free. I appreciate those who have helped me keep motivated more than I can easily express. The free playlist is a small gesture.

In the meantime I will work to prepare for in person classes again working on the garage, and the next studio. Completion does not have a set date, so after the vacation the classes maybe online again until things are 100% ready.

Coming up is the beginning of a brand new type of semester at IUS, all online for maximum safety. This is a contrast to opening at the studio, but Array Yoga will host a maximum of 5 when it opens, whereas my largest class at IUS has 25 students. I am taking serious consideration to my family, and students safety.

This time will also be takin to enhance the on demand offerings, and to take on new challenges myself, to offer you my absolute best, and to be an example of what I teach. Part of that is knowing what is important. After all these trials together I need to give my family, my heart, and soul time to recuperate . I truly want to offer my best, and this has been on my heart, so now here it is so that I can have peace. We so often forget about our own well being, which makes it hard to offer anything close to our best.

So taking note from the universe itself , two weeks off the Array Yoga schedule classes begins today, but I will be in touch online as projects are completed. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Owner & Manager

Array Yoga Studio / Lionflow Yoga HQ

July , little of this & that

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

So… based on observation of online attendance I think a blend of spontaneous & routine seems to be the solution. Having the studio in our home makes Reopening for live classes especially difficult, and the regular schedule live online classes were not as well attended as the spontaneous live classes. So a bit of both is the solution I see for now.

Regular online classes will continue as donation based classes. Spontaneous classes will be posted with times & cost determined individually.

The weekly live online classes will be;

6 -7pm Tuesday – Intro to Lionflow Yoga, plus extra series after class for those interested.

6 – 7pm Thursday – Lazy Lion Yin Yoga

8 – 9am Saturday – Lionflow Yoga All Level

I am also looking forward to beginning the Art of Yoga class series, and will send more information on that soon. For now this is the new regular schedule, and I will enjoy scheduling extra classes. Extra effort is also going into the On demand Array Yoga Studio page, and there is a lot of content to help build an incredible home practice. More details, and more dialogue about the future is coming soon.

This new schedule is effective immediately. Have a wonderful holiday, many blessings!

Helping out

Hello All,

My father was released from the Rehabilitation center today after recovering from a stroke. I’m going to cancel tonites 6pm class, 6/9/20, to help him get situated at home. I hope everyone is well, and I’ll see you in class soon. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Regular Online Classes Begin Today

Array Yoga Studio’s Phased Reopening

For the month of June, four Online regular weekly classes will start up. Classes will remain free or donation through July 4th as a test phase. Opening in July is not certain, but possible. There is a lot of work to be done first. Even when the studio finally opens for in person classes the online classes will continue. So if you would like to support the studio, there are now online monthly packages. The prices are set as a deal if classes were $10 each. The next phase of open will be posted soon.

Sign ups for class will end 30 minutes prior to class, and please do not try to log into class late. Log in at least 5 to 10 minutes prior to class in case you need assistance, and so we can start on time. Below are the Online Class Prices & Packages, the Online Schedule which begins Tuesday 6/2/20, and information on the new class coming to the schedule.

To sign up for class, buy a package, or leave a donation follow this link – Reservations, Packages, and Donations

Class prices –

Single Online Zoom Class – free or donation, but everyone in class will need to sign up through the app, even if multiple people are taking class in a household everyone must sign in.

Monthly Online Class Pass – $100 This package includes one downloadable full class video, and a new class video for each following month. As well as access to all of the regular schedule live zoom classes. A short home practice video will also be available upon request.

Couples Online Class Pass – $140This package is for households. If you have more than one person in your home that wants to practice this package covers the household. It also includes one downloadable full class video, and a new class video for each following month. As well as access to all of the regular schedule live zoom classes. A short home practice video will also be available upon request.

Student & Senior, and all other discounts are not currently available since you can choose to donate more or less, or take class for free at your discretion. In person classes, when they begin again will resume at their old rates, and discounts will apply again then.

Online Class Schedule

Tuesday – 6 – 7pm Intro to Lionflow Yoga ( All Level )

Wednesday – 6 – 7pm Yin Yoga, Lazy Lion ( All Level )

Thursday – 6 – 7:30pm Lionflow Yoga L1 Form ( Intermediate Level )

Saturday – 8 – 9am Lionflow Yoga All Level Flow

Art of Yoga Class

A new class will also be introduced. The ” Art of Yoga Class ” will allow for teaching posture clinics, advanced classes, meditation, and technical yoga knowledge. This class will be included in the Packages, but will be $20 per person without a package. There will be 2 to 4 a month scheduled on Friday nights & other time openings. More information will be provided soon as the first sessions are scheduled.

Still Working Things Out

Ok, I said I would have everything ready by today, and would have a class tonite, Thursday 5/28/20, but it has not worked out as planned. I would also like to get the information out with enough time for people to actually sign up for class.

Also, the special class with Hot Yoga Louisville is being rescheduled for a later day.

So I will use Friday night, 5/29/20, to have another donation class as I finish my online opening check list.

So Friday night at 6:30 pm Array Yoga Studio will host a live Zoom class. We will practice the Intro to Lionflow Yoga class. Donations are welcome, but not required. Class sign ups end at 6pm sharp, and please do not be late to class so we can start on time. To attend follow this link to sign up for class. Reserve Class

Everyone needs to sign in, even those from the same household taking class together. New students & returning students will receive a new liability form that needs to be signed before class. You will be sent the zoom link after you sign up, and sign your liability form. Please do not share the zoom link you’ll be provided after signing up. This leaves class vulnerable.

If you would like to leave a donation to help Array Yoga Studio/ Lionflow Yoga HQ, through this transitional time follow this link – Donations

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to seeing you in class. Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Little more time

Hello All,

Array Yoga Studio / Lionflow Yoga HQ , is a home based studio, and in our current situation it is difficult to open for in person classes. The Studio will be moving into our garage & that is a work in progress. So until businesses are given the green light for 100% the studio will shift to an online schedule offering 4 regular weekly classes, as well as weekly special classes, and events with affiliates, such as Bikram Yoga Indiana, Hot Yoga Louisville, Kentucky Yoga Initiative, and Playthink Movement Festival.

Classes will begin Thursday 5/28/20 online, and there will be a Special class with Hot Yoga Louisville on Friday 5/29/20 . More information will be posted tomorrow.

Class rates & specifics are being determined & will be announced with the weekly schedule.

There has also been a lot of work put into on demand class offerings, and the online class packages will include on demand access.

This has been an important time of reflection, family, and more reflection… It would have been possible to keep classes running throughout this event, but I believe it is important to notice when time is necessary to reflect. We could speed along like nothing happened, or come out the other side better versions of ourselves. It is difficult to map the terrain as it changes, but in the art of observation both stillness & movement take their part in the symphony.

Great things are coming, and I will offer my best individually & in collaboration to make available the Arts I use as coping mechanisms, strength builders, and limit expanders so that from your own grit to try you can open up your own potential, even in & especially in hard times. We can be beacons of light, and we have every reason to try.

As opposed to telling you what to do, or how to do it about everything, I will save that for class. That is what I will do, and for you I hope the best for you in my heart & soul. I appreciate every member of our community, and will strive to offer my best. Many blessings, sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Wednesday Live Zoom Class

Hello Everyone,

Array Yoga Studio will have another Live Zoom Class Wednesday 5/13/20 from 6 – 7:15 pm. We will be practicing the Lionflow Yoga Intermediate form, also known as Flow One. This class is for donations. To sign up for class follow this link – Reserve class

Once you sign up for class you’ll be sent the Zoom link for class. To leave a donation follow this link – Leave a Donation

Many Blessings to Everyone, Sincerely,

Glenn Brown

Closed for now

Important Notice – Array Yoga Studio will be closed until it is determined safe to open. I will keep you posted as the situation developes.With kindness we will survive even each other.I will offer my best to you in these times, and will not take advantage of your fears. Check out the Facebook studio page for free offerings here – Array Yoga Facebook pageIf you would like more content, or would like to support the studio during this time check out the on demand page here – Array Yoga On DemandThank you for your support. Many blessings,Glenn Brown