Tuesday the 27th, Closed for Rumi’s Birthday

Array Yoga Studio will be closed Tuesday , August 27th for Rumi’s Birthday. We’ll be open again for business Wednesday, August 28th.

Saturday class time change

The Saturday Class time at Array Yoga Studio will be 10 – 11 am starting this Saturday August 17th. The class level is also changing from Lionflow Yoga Intro to Lionflow Yoga All Level. For the All level class we just add more to the Intro structure based on the needs & wants of the students.

Have a great week & we’ll see you in class!

Closed for Yoga National Championship trip

Array Yoga will be closed from 8/1 – 8/5 . Donna & Ayanna will be competing, Glenn will be judging & demonstrating . You can watch the event live this weekend, Friday – Sunday. Here is the link –


Below is the picture USA Yoga is using for the link 😁

New Prices & discount rates

The new prices for Array Yoga Studio ;

Single Class – $15

5 Class Package – $60

Month Unlimited – $100

First Timer Package – 5 classes for $40

The new discount rates ;

Students & Teachers – 20%

Veterans, Seniors & City Workers – 30%

The cool thing about the discount rates compared to having different packages is that your discount is added to your app profile, and is applied to everything. Not just packages, but also single classes, workshops, retreats, and most products. Studio regulars discount rate has already been applied to their profile. If you wish to receive these discounts just show me the appropriate related ID compared to the discount. Senior discount begins at age 55, and students 18 & under are not required to show ID for discounts.

Happy Independence Day !

4th of July Special class time

Array Yoga Studio will have a Special class time on the 4th of July from 9:30 – 11 am . This class will be a Lionflow Yoga All Level Flow . Space is limited so Make sure to reserve your spot in class!

Remember we are at the home studio now. Check the website for the links to sign up & studio address. If you have trouble signing in through the app text me at 812-207-1192, and I will reserve your spot for you.

Happy 4th of July!

Back to the Home Studio

Well, it’s official now. We just did our last class in the Underground Station. As occupants anyway, but we have been invited to use the courtyard, so we’ll definitely do that in the future.

Array Yoga Studio will start up in my house again Monday, where it began over a decade ago as Lionflow Yoga Studio. I’m keeping the name Array Yoga for the studio since I enjoy teaching more than just Lionflow, though Lionflow Yoga will occupy most of the schedule since it is the style I created, and from my perspective it is the best way to build students up toward there best.

The Home Studio location will be posted on the website, and you will need to reserve your spot in class ahead of time. Instructions for that will also be listed on the website tonite. The website is array.yoga

Thank you everyone who contributed to making this piece of the journey. I am filled with gratitude as we move forward. Many blessings , much gratitude, and many thanks.

Moving Party

This Saturday we will have a Take out & Toast 🍻 Party at Array Yoga Studio at 12:15pm . We will take advantage of Alladdins Cafe & Roadrunners Kitchen, and the Farmers market, and have lunch & a Toast together to celebrate our time in the Underground Station. We will have free wine, but there are more options at the restaurants. So come celebrate with us this Saturday !

Array Yoga Studio is moving back to our home July 1st . It has also an honor & a wonderful experience being part of the Underground Station.

The schedule will remain as is for now as we adjust to the move, with the exception of Monday night. The 6:30pm Monday night is canceled due to schedule conflict.

We will also have a class on the 4th of July at a special time, but I will post more about the move, studio location, and 4th of July schedule after our last class at the Underground Station this Sunday morning.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in class.