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If there is something you would like to write for this page please do , and send it to me at lionflow@gmail.com . Many thanks to all who have helped me take Lionflow Yoga from my personal practice to an important part of the Yoga community . Namaste`,

Glenn Brown

Manager / Array Yoga Studio Founder/Owner/Teacher/Artist Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

Lionflow Student Testimonies

Anonymous Yoga Testimony

All through middle school and my freshman year of high school I played volleyball and was a competitive horseback rider.I took my first Bikram Yoga class from Glenn’s wife , Ayanna , when I was 15 . The challenge was what I was looking for as an athlete.

Throughout high school my practice dwindled and I developed major health issues that forced me to stop most of my athletics. I not only struggled with bad knees and horrible back spasms , I struggled with major depression and an eating disorder. Glenn started doing lessons during this time and I started practice with him regularly.

Glenn helped me not only gently strengthen the muscle imbalances that were causing my horribly painful & debilitating physical problems, but by practicing his yoga I also gained mental strength . After a while I was able to wean myself off antidepressants , and my eating disorder is a thing of the past. I’m forever grateful to Glenn for teaching me not just yoga , but also a better way to live and cope.



Yoga Testimony – by ; Cory E.
Throughout my entire life weight had been an issue . Growing up I straddled the line between chubby & obese . In high school I started eating better , and running everyday . I lost weight , but with the stress of college , and my lack of will to keep up the exercise my Freshman 15 became my Freshman 50 . By the time I came home from college I weighed more than I ever had .

It was about this time that I met Glenn . The yoga topic of came up often , but I never made any moves toward giving it a try . Finally while I was on a trip with Glenn , he led me through some stretches . I know it could only have been a few minutes of working out , but at this time it was a lot for me . Afterwards Glenn began organizing short walks at Cherokee Park followed up with a session of stretching out .

It was about this time that I began to change my diet . After only a few months of the ” Walk & Stretches ” , and watching my diet I went from about 300 lbs. to about 280 lbs. . I finally saw that getting healthy again was a real possibility , and began to work on myself more . With the passing of a few more months the stretching sessions weren’t as taxing anymore , and I took my first full Lionflow Yoga class . I weighed about 260 lbs. at this point , but that first class was still a killer .

The first 4 months or so the weight came off steadily . It was when I watched my diet , walked everyday , and took yoga class everyday that the weight really began to fly off . People started asking if I had my stomach stapled , or if I was eating properly . They were astonished that these changes could happen so quickly through healthy means .

By that August I celebrated my 29th B-day , and falling under the 200 lb. mark . Some people asked me my secret , others would ask if I had a brother that worked at the same place , and some wouldn’t recognize me at all . Over the course of that fall & winter I continued losing weight , and by the spring I was down to my current weight of 160 -165 . It’s coming up at a year now that I’ve held steady at that weight .

For my health slimming down was very important , but it wasn’t by any means the only change in my body . I continue to bulk up in the muscle , and I’m seeing veins pop up in my arms & legs that I didn’t know I even had ( it was at about 190 lbs. that I realized that there was a reason for the anatomical term ” arm pit ” ) . My stamina has grown by leaps & bounds . I have always struggled with my balance , and coordination , but struggle less & less . As far as flexibility is concerned , it has been interesting to see how much it has improved , and not just from practice , but also from being smaller in size .

Practicing yoga has also helped a great deal to fight against depression & anxiety . I still have these issues , and probably always will , but I find that a diligent yoga practice is a good tool to help keep it in check .

Overall , both mentally & physically yoga has made me a much healthier & happier person .

By Cory E.
Testimony; by Jake

Although very challenging Glenn and Lionflow Yoga have helped me become physically/mentally stronger, experience less muscle/joint pain, and have more energy.

Glenn’s passion for Yoga and personal growth is inspiring and contagious.

–Jake A.