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Glenn Brown , Leslie Laird , and Donna Stallard

Glenn Brown ~ Founder of Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

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Glenn Brown has lived in New Albany Indiana since 1987 , but was born in Alabama in 1980. He received 100 hours certification in Hsing-I Kung-fu , Qi-Gong , and Acupressure in England by the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts in 2001 , became a 500 hour certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in LA in 2002 , and certified to teach Sun style Tai Chi through Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi Institute in 2016 . He has been teaching classes at Pure Bikram Yoga Southern Indiana from 2002 up to the present . He is the 11 time Indiana Regional Champion in the USA Yoga Asana Championship , placed 5th Nationally in 2016, and has also coached competitors from many states .

Glenn founded Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC in 2010 based on the progressive home workout method built over his lifetime , and over a decade of teaching private students home yoga workouts they could see progress in at his home studio , parks , living rooms , art galleries , offices , and schools . He taught Lionflow Yoga at Indiana University Southeast in 2011 for staff & students , and taught the University of Louisville Football team in their 2012 & 2013 pre-season training . He has been teaching Lionflow Yoga seminars at Frankfort Yoga Studio since 2010 , and taught seminars at Eternal Health Yoga Studio in New Albany in 2011 . He has also given Yoga history , and application lectures , demonstrations , and classes to Floyd Memorial Hospital , and many other local businesses , and schools .

Glenn is the Manager , and Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer for Lionflow Yoga Studio in New Albany . He also teaches 2 weekly Bikram Yoga classes at Pure Bikram Southern Indiana , 4 weekly classes at Yogaia Yoga School , 4 weekly classes at IUS as an Adjunct Professor , and is a coach & participant of the USA Yoga Asana Championship .

As an Artist & Author Glenn self published his first art & poetry book ” Four In The Fire ” , and had his first solo art show at New Albanian Brewing Company as part of his book release party in 2007 , and he also participated in many of their collaborated art shows over the years . He also collaborated with Eternal Health Yoga Studio for a solo art show ” Lines On Pages ” , and a mixed artist show in 2011 . He also keeps a rotation of art up at the Lionflow Yoga Studio composed of his , and other local artist work . Using art , and music as part of the therapy included in the yoga classes . He is also a participating artist in the Pink Gala helping to raise money for breast cancer awareness , and has also had art up at local businesses such as Earth Friends Cafe’ .

If you would like more info on Lionflow Yoga , schedules , locations , private & special group classes , or to commission art work contact Glenn at , or call/text 812-207-1192 .

For class schedule & info about Pure Bikram Yoga – Southern Indiana go to .


Leslie Laird, RYT-200

Certified 500 hours with Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

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Leslie has experienced the joy of yoga since 1991. She studied her first three years with Bonnie Arndt of The Well Being in Frankfort, KY. As a youth in McLean, VA she’d practiced ballet and gymnastics, so she loved the familiar feel of seeking within for grace, balance, strength & flexibility. Leslie completed a wide-spectrum yoga teacher training with Will Brashear of Cincinnati Yoga School in 2008 and is RYT-200 certified with Yoga Alliance. In 2011 she trained an additional 200+ hours with Glenn Brown to teach Lionflow Yoga , and in 2012 earned her 500+ hour training certificate after continuing her teacher training , and dedication to Lionflow after her first year of training .

Leslie earned her B.S. Ed. from George Mason University in 1989 and taught for several years in VA and KY public schools. Currently she does full-time administrative work with KY State Government. She loves to teach and learn more about a wide variety of yoga styles in her free time. Currently she teaches Lionflow Yoga as well as mixed hatha yoga classes 2 to 3 times per week at Frankfort Yoga Studio in Frankfort, KY. To see class schedule, visit

Leslie relies on her daily yoga practice to keep her spine and joints moving smoothly despite having several arthritic discs. As with many instructors, her own physical challenges supply her with motivation and compassion. This year she’s continuing to deepen her Lionflow Yoga practice with Glenn Brown of Lionflow Yoga & Arts.

Note from Leslie

“I would like to find better ways to advertise the Lionflow Yoga classes and to get more different people to come to class. So often people say that they don’t think they could do it, or that they’d like to but they’re too sore or too tired. Of course the practice is designed to relieve soreness and release trapped energy, but how can they see that if they put it off, waiting ‘til they feel better or are in better shape to try it? There’s some fear and reluctance within the yoga community; an attitude that this kind of yoga flow is not for just anyone. Perhaps it is fear of growth and change. People have so many assumptions about their health – that of course being older their bones will be weaker, their blood pressure and blood sugar will rise, they’ll gain weight and will not be able to do as much physically as they used to. Doing this vigorous kind of yoga can reverse many of these trends, counteracting the damage we have done to our bodies over the years. So I want people to see that allowing themselves to go soft by taking it easy , and not doing a vigorous practice is the thing they should fear. I leap smoothly out of bed everyday now because I practice this yoga, while just a few years ago I remember having to rise slowly and cautiously to try and minimize all kinds of pains and stiffness throughout my body. To receive healing takes a change of heart, a fearless tenacity and a willingness to try the new . This is my message to my prospective students regarding Lionflow Yoga.”

Leslie offers Thai Yoga Bodywork and Reiki in addition to yoga instruction. For more info about Leslie’s Yoga classes in the Frankfort, KY area, or to schedule a small group or private yoga lesson, contact Leslie at



Donna Stallard – Certified 500+ hours Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

Donna Stallard discovered Lionflow Yoga in the fall of 2011 when Glenn Brown was teaching out of his home studio. From an early age, Donna has been active in sports. Throughout grade and high school, she was involved in gymnastics. As a high school student at Providence, Donna played basketball, volleyball and ran track. At IU Southeast, she would be a walk on in basketball and volleyball. However, she would participate in volleyball all four years of her eligibility. After graduation from IU Southeast, she learned to play walleyball at the Greentree Fitness Center in Clarksville. For those of you who are wondering what walleyball is: 4 people form a team in a racquetball court using a volleyball made out of racquetball material. The game is much quicker because the walls and ceiling are part of the play.
After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from IU Southeast, Donna would travel to Irving, Texas for graduate studies with Professor Juergen Strunck at the University of Dallas. While at UD, Ms. Stallard would be awarded a Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in printmaking. She lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for 15 years before returning back to Indiana. While in Dallas, she purchased a floor model printing press so she could continue making prints. Stallard likes everything about the printing process: the physicality of relief printing using hand rollers to create seamless blends of colors, using acids to etch Intaglio plates, and the physical process of using a hand operated press to transfer inks. While printmaking provides a workout for the upper body, the lower body doesn’t get the same workout. During the spring and summer walking is part of my daily routine with my dog, but once the weather turns colder, I become dormant.
So, when she walked into Glenn Brown’s home studio with her sister-in-law Carla she was instantly intrigued by the workout challenge presented in the Lionflow Yoga classes being taught. Another immediate attraction to the style was the total body workout without joint jarring jumps and twists in higher impact sports from her former life as a competitive athlete.

Note fromw Donna

“One of the things that really attracted me to the Lionflow Yoga style was that as you got comfortable doing one set of postures, you can advance to a different level of class and still be challenged. When first invited to do the training to become a teacher, I was reluctant to accept because of my anxiety. However, Glenn has proven to be a very patient and informer trainer, one who gave me the space and time needed to settle into the concentration required to successfully complete a class.
In the past year and a half, I’ve become very disciplined in my personal yoga practice and have acquired the confidence to necessary to teach Lionflow Yoga classes.
Words will never adequately express my gratitude to Glenn for his patience, guidance, knowledge and countless hours of instruction I received while working toward my certification.

What do I like about Lionflow Yoga? Everything

For one, the instructor does the class and postures with the students. For me, this was helpful because I can observe the teacher as they move from one posture to the next. You also get to listen to the different breath sounds. Another thing that attracted me to the style, is we listen to music during class. I also liked how the Lionflow classes are structured: warm up, wear out the legs, arms and stomach then warm down. Unlike other styles, there is not a lot of repetition of postures but sequential development from one posture to the next. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more, really learn more.
So, if you want a physical challenge that will allow you to reach your full potential, come try a Lionflow Yoga class. I never dreamed at my age, that I would be doing the physical postures that I have learned since walking through the door of Glenn’s studio. Namaste.”