Hello from Lionflow Yoga

Hello All ,

I am Glenn Brown , Creator / Owner / Teacher of Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC . This blog site will be a platform I will use to inform you of how Lionflow Yoga came to be , and as well I will post monthly schedules , special events , student testimonies , gallery openings , and book release dates .

In a nutshell , Lionflow Yoga is a yoga style with a core structure , which each level of class follows from beginner to advanced . I teach you to converse with your body about its present condition , and to go into the postures without forcing anything . Instead of using force , using gentle movements into powerful postures .

You will learning how to manipulate your breath , movements , and circulation to benefit both your poses , and stamina . Efficiency of the movements helps you to save energy , and get more from the energy being used .

Next blog will be about my credentials . I hate patting myself on the back , but see that it would be useful to tell you what I have accomplished , so that you know why I teach , and why I might be able to teach you . Next blog though . Until then , many thanks if you read this , and more is to come . Humbleness & respect ,

Glenn Brown
Owner / Teacher / Artist
Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

2 responses to “Hello from Lionflow Yoga

  1. Deidra Harris

    Great to see you have a blog now!

  2. Congratulations on your blog and practice!

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