Oct. 2nd Art Gallery !

                                   ” Lines on Pages “ Art Gallery

Minimalism , Surrealism , & Abstract drawings & paintings by Glenn Brown .

” I have been drawing as far back as I can remember . My older siblings are talented artist , and that always gave me something to aspire to . Knowing that the those artistic genes must be within me too , I kept working at it . As a teenager I had trouble finishing drawings in art class using a pencil because I would keep erasing , and redrawing things to make them look better . I overcame this using an ink pen to draw . No erasing is possible so you have to go with the mistakes . Ink pen remains my favorite medium for art .    

             Another influence on my art came from my Kung-fu teacher showing me an art piece a zen master had given to him . It was a grain of rice cut in half , and framed in an hour glass with a magnifing glass over it . On the grain of rice had been painted a sky , sun , clouds , mountains , people , houses , a river , a phrase in Chinese characters , and complete with a signature at the bottom . This inspired me to start a series of ink drawings on post-it notes . Trying to express as much as I could in as little space as possible .              

My main focus is teaching Yoga , so I am grateful to be able to share my art at this gallery . This opportunity has allowed me to express art that had been waiting within me for expression .

Come enjoy the gallery opening Oct. 2nd ( a Sunday ) , from 7 to 9 pm . Food , wine , and music will be on the house . For more info about the gallery go to eternalhealthyoga.com , or contact me at lionflow@gmail.com , or call/text 812-207-1192 . I will post more info , address  & such , soon . Cheers & Namaste’ ,”

Glenn Brown
Owner / Teacher / Artist
Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts , LLC

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