As the Leaves Fall

As the leaves change & fall with the season… so have our package prices! We have lowered the package prices to an all time low & competitive price points. Our mission is to make it possible for you to practice as much as you like. We are not lowering the value of the classes, or the single class rates, just the cost of packages. The cost of Private lessons has been raised respecting the value of the teachers time, but regular schedule classes are to be as accessible as possible, and so now they are more than ever. This is not a sale, this is a staple in our mission. For current subscribers your contract price will be adjusted. Here are the new Prices below –

Single Class Prices

Lionflow Yoga L2 – $15

All other regular weekly classes $10

Accept $5 Community Class

☆ You can also sign up for class & pay online. Link is on the website –

Special Class Packages

First Class Special 2 week unlimited for $30 . ( Available your first class only )

6 Classes – $50 ( 6 month expiration, includes 1 month pass to $5 Community Class )
1 Month Unlimited – $75
3 Month Unlimited– $200

Students, Teachers, City Workers, Seniors, and Veterans1 month unlimited for $70. ( Expiration 1 month )

Auto Debt Packages

$70 / month – 1 year Contract of monthly payments at a fixed rate.
$65 / month – Special Package for Students, Teachers, City Workers, Seniors, & Veterans 1 year Contract of monthly payments at a fixed rate. ( $30 Early Cancelation fee for all Auto Debt)

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