Happy International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day!

To celebrate International Yoga Day , Array Yoga Studio will donate half the proceeds of 4 Special classes to two different charities.

Half of the proceeds from the My Buddy & Me Partner Yoga Classes on Saturday June 22nd & 29th from 10 to 10:45 am will go to the Autism Society of Indiana.

This Partner Yoga class was developed for Autism & Caretakers, but is a fun environment & class for all children & Caretakers. My son, Rumi, and I developed this class together, and found it is also useful for his peers, and their parents/ caretakers. The class helps kids with special needs with the particular things they need while also providing a chance to connect personally with their Caretaker. This bond can be hard to find, and the class with its simple poses, relaxed approach, and moments of both silliness & accomplishment help build a deeper connect of trust, communication, and the ability to have fun together.

You can sign up for this class by following this link – Reserve My Buddy & Me Class

Half of the proceeds from the Sunday Workshops will go to USA Yoga Federation to help them carry the torch of the Yoga Championship where we can challenge ourselves & inspire each other. More information about the Sunday class will be posted tomorrow. Find us on Facebook for updates & direct links to donate to these none for profits.

Happy International Yoga Day!

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