Moving Party

This Saturday we will have a Take out & Toast 🍻 Party at Array Yoga Studio at 12:15pm . We will take advantage of Alladdins Cafe & Roadrunners Kitchen, and the Farmers market, and have lunch & a Toast together to celebrate our time in the Underground Station. We will have free wine, but there are more options at the restaurants. So come celebrate with us this Saturday !

Array Yoga Studio is moving back to our home July 1st . It has also an honor & a wonderful experience being part of the Underground Station.

The schedule will remain as is for now as we adjust to the move, with the exception of Monday night. The 6:30pm Monday night is canceled due to schedule conflict.

We will also have a class on the 4th of July at a special time, but I will post more about the move, studio location, and 4th of July schedule after our last class at the Underground Station this Sunday morning.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

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