Little more time

Hello All,

Array Yoga Studio / Lionflow Yoga HQ , is a home based studio, and in our current situation it is difficult to open for in person classes. The Studio will be moving into our garage & that is a work in progress. So until businesses are given the green light for 100% the studio will shift to an online schedule offering 4 regular weekly classes, as well as weekly special classes, and events with affiliates, such as Bikram Yoga Indiana, Hot Yoga Louisville, Kentucky Yoga Initiative, and Playthink Movement Festival.

Classes will begin Thursday 5/28/20 online, and there will be a Special class with Hot Yoga Louisville on Friday 5/29/20 . More information will be posted tomorrow.

Class rates & specifics are being determined & will be announced with the weekly schedule.

There has also been a lot of work put into on demand class offerings, and the online class packages will include on demand access.

This has been an important time of reflection, family, and more reflection… It would have been possible to keep classes running throughout this event, but I believe it is important to notice when time is necessary to reflect. We could speed along like nothing happened, or come out the other side better versions of ourselves. It is difficult to map the terrain as it changes, but in the art of observation both stillness & movement take their part in the symphony.

Great things are coming, and I will offer my best individually & in collaboration to make available the Arts I use as coping mechanisms, strength builders, and limit expanders so that from your own grit to try you can open up your own potential, even in & especially in hard times. We can be beacons of light, and we have every reason to try.

As opposed to telling you what to do, or how to do it about everything, I will save that for class. That is what I will do, and for you I hope the best for you in my heart & soul. I appreciate every member of our community, and will strive to offer my best. Many blessings, sincerely,

Glenn Brown

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