Classic 84 Breakdown

Classic 84 Breakdown 8 Session Workshop

Description – This workshop will be a posture clinic for 8 series out of the Classic 84 class. Instead of rushing through the whole class we will use the first half of class as a warm up each time. After the warm up we will breakdown a series from class in detail, practice a few sets with adjustments, followed by a warm down. After the warm down will be an opportunity to participate, learn about, or watch a Yoga Championship Practice.

Glenn Brown will be leading this 8 week class Breakdown. Glenn is the 2018 National Adult Men’s Yoga Champion & is currently preparing for the International Yoga Championship in Beijing this December. This 8 week workshop is a chance to join him in his training for Internationals.

This Classic 84 Breakdown is a great opportunity for teachers & students to deepen their knowledge of what is thought of as an ” Advanced Class “. With the knowledge to move with intention & control, advanced classes are just classes with more postures, and more challenges, but present the same opportunity for therapy as any other yoga class.

This workshop is also a great opportunity for anyone interested in participating the Yoga Championships to learn the rules, posture details, and to have help creating a series & recording it for the video submissions required for the first round of the Championship.

What is the cost ? This 8 session workshop is for donations only, and there is no minimum donation, walk ins are welcome, and you do not have to sign up for all 8 sessions. This workshop will help Glenn raise money for his coming trip to the International Championship in China, and any size contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Schedule for Classic 84 Breakdown

Sunday’s 9:30 – 11ish am , on the following dates focused on the following series;

  1. Balance 9/30/18

  2. Arm Balance 10/7/18

  3. Lotus 10/14/18

  4. Splits 10/21/18

  5. Backbends 10/28/18

  6. Tortoise 11/4/18

  7. Inversions 11/18/18

  8. Breathing 11/25/18

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