Soft Opening

Array Yoga Studio will have its first in person class since the March this Thursday, 10/22, at 6pm. This is a soft opening. There is still work to be done on the garage & the schedule. So tomorrow’s class will be for free or donation as it has been, and prices, packages, and the schedule will be posted soon. It is a scary time to open, but we will take necessary precautions to keep each other safe. You can sign on for class on pocketsuite. The Reopening Protocol are listed below. I’m excited to see you in class again!

Reopening Protocol

1. Do not come to class if you are not feeling well.

2. Only 4 people can sign up for this first class to see if there is room for more students to safely distance. 4 students can definitely fit with proper social distance.

3. Mask are required when you are not on your Yoga mat.

4. Bring your own props, ie. mat, towel, water, bolster, blanket. As needed for the type of class.

5. Come dressed. The bathroom will be available when necessary, but extra visits can be avoided, such as changing for class, to reduce traffic going into the house.

6. Come on time ( before start time ). The Garage door will close at class time.

7. Please don’t bring your pets. If they are left in your car my neighbors are likely to call authorities.

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