Class tonight 10/29

Hello ,

We will have an in person class tonight at Array Yoga Studio, Thursday 10/29, and the student limit is 4. The single class price is $15. Packages will not be posted until a more full schedule is posted.

The schedule has not been posted yet honestly because of the spike in Covid. This is a tricky time as a business owner…. and really just as a human being in general. So… unless we enter a lockdown I will have the new schedule up before next Wednesday to begin next Wednesday, 11/4. The day after election day, and the 1st week of November. As part of this endeavor I will also try to keep at least 1 online class a week for those not ready to return to the studio in person.

Ok, so …. I’m working on it, I miss you guys, and my family is sending love to all those who have helped keep us a float by coming to class. I am grateful for the journey this has been & will be. Many blessings everyone, and don’t forget to vote.

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