Happy International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day!

To celebrate International Yoga Day , Array Yoga Studio will donate half the proceeds of 4 Special classes to two different charities.

Half of the proceeds from the My Buddy & Me Partner Yoga Classes on Saturday June 22nd & 29th from 10 to 10:45 am will go to the Autism Society of Indiana.

This Partner Yoga class was developed for Autism & Caretakers, but is a fun environment & class for all children & Caretakers. My son, Rumi, and I developed this class together, and found it is also useful for his peers, and their parents/ caretakers. The class helps kids with special needs with the particular things they need while also providing a chance to connect personally with their Caretaker. This bond can be hard to find, and the class with its simple poses, relaxed approach, and moments of both silliness & accomplishment help build a deeper connect of trust, communication, and the ability to have fun together.

You can sign up for this class by following this link – Reserve My Buddy & Me Class

Half of the proceeds from the Sunday Workshops will go to USA Yoga Federation to help them carry the torch of the Yoga Championship where we can challenge ourselves & inspire each other. More information about the Sunday class will be posted tomorrow. Find us on Facebook for updates & direct links to donate to these none for profits.

Happy International Yoga Day!

International Yoga Day

This Friday the 21st of June is the 5th Annual International Yoga Day! We will join the celebration at Array Yoga… Just not on Friday 😁

Instead , I’ll add a few extra classes to the next two weekends. So in addition to the regular schedule we will have the classes listed below. Half of the profit for each special class will be donated to USA Yoga to help them continue to carry the torch for Yoga Sport. They offer us the platform to express our best & inspire each other with what we love. Check them out at usayoga.org .

Saturday 6/22 & 6/29 – 10 -10:45 am My Buddy & Me Partner Yoga . Cost $15 covers child & caretaker. Covering poses the Caretakers can gently guide & assist the little buddy’s through. Great for coordination, focus, stability strength, and for building an emotional connection.

Sunday 6/23 – 10am – 12pm Lionflow Yoga Workshop. Cost $30 . Covering alignment for class poses, instruction on dynamic movement, home practice, and guided Taoist Meditation.

Sunday 6/30 – 10am – 12pm Classic 84 Class & Posture Clinic. Cost $30. Covering the traditional 84 poses, alignment, adjustments, and variations .

Walk ins are welcome, but I will send a link for each special class the day before to help you sign up online prior. All the regular classes are open for their regular times up to Sunday June 30th.

Lastly, I’ll be planning a farewell party for the Bank St. location on Friday the 29th. The last day for Array Yoga Studio in the Underground Station is June 30th. We have truly enjoyed this location, and are grateful for all the students who came by. More information on the changing locations, and how that will affect the schedule & prices will be sent in the next few days.

Picture from Playthink Movement Festival 2019

Link for Fathers Day Class, walk ins welcome too

Below is the link for the Lionflow Yoga & Taoist Meditation on Fathers Day , 9:30 – 11am at Array Yoga. The class is $20, and will give you an assortment of knowledge for building your own meditation process.

There are zero religious overtones to this class. All walks of life & walk ins are welcome. If you want to sign in ahead of time follow the link. If you have not gone through the app hit, the first time will take you through a process. Click on the dates to open the next button… you’ll see. For classes like this one it will prompt you to pay as you sign up.

Book Fathers Day Class Link

Fathers Day Special Lionflow Class

Tomorrow, Fathers Day, the 16th of June, Array Yoga will have a Special Lionflow Yoga Class from 9:30 am to 11 am. This class is $20, and will be on pocketsuite by tonite so you can sign up. This class is not covered by packages.

What makes this class special? Glenn will be adding in the Taoist meditation to the end of the breathing technique, making this class more like what he practiced before dividing Lionflow into different class levels. One purpose within Lionflow Yoga is to prepare the body & mind for more effective seated Meditation. This is done by releasing the tension from the body, mind, and emotions before attempting to find silent meditation. Like peeling back the layers of an onion. Sundays class will work on how to peel back more layers to benefit your personal meditation.

All religions & walks of life are welcome. Array Yoga is a neutral zone for all to practice, and this meditation is technique based, with zero religious overtones.

We hope to see you in class, Happy Fathers Day!

Cancellation for Festival

Array Yoga will be closed Friday night ,6/14 , due to a Festival taking up all of our parking. We will be open Friday for the 9:30 am & closed for both evening classes.

We will be open Saturday for the 11:15 am class.

Ayanna’s 12:30 pm on Saturday’s is canceled until further notice due to schedule conflict. We look forward to having her back again soon.

There are more announcements to come soon. Have a great weekend !

Coming Soon

Coming soon Array Yoga will have a new summer schedule, studio location announcement, and exciting collaborations to reveal! Also a Summer Studio Party is in the mix! Information coming soon!

Memorial Day Class

This Memorial Day weekend , Array Yoga Studio will have a 9:30 am Lionflow Yoga class on Monday the 27th, and no classes in the evening. Back to the regular schedule Tuesday the 28th. Have a great holiday!