Welcoming Steven McGuire

We would like to welcome Steven McGuire to the Array Yoga crew. He will be teaching the 5:30pm Restorative class on Thursday’s starting this week. A few other schedule changes for the Fall will be posted tonite.

Here are a few words from Steven –

My Journey with Yoga began back in 2001 back home in Portland Oregon after a back injury. I needed to move but found a lot of other activities challenging. I practiced by watching DVD’s eventually making my way to local studios. Eventually I discovered Kettlebells, got certified and started teaching. I loved teaching and always new that becoming a yoga teacher was next on my list. Fast forward to 2010, after discovering Crossfit, I had another serious back injury and major setbacks. I avoided surgery through the practice of Yoga.
After relocating to Louisville Kentucky I finally went after my 200 hour Teacher training. With my previous injuries and new mobility limits, I have learned to really appreciate the power and benefits of yoga. I am a fun and patient teacher. There is no wrong way to do anything in my classes. I understand limits and I remember what it feels like to walk into a studio for the first time.
I look forward to getting to know everyone and be apart of this community.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule

My Buddy & Me Partner Yoga. This class is for Parents & or Caretakers & and children 2 to 12 . Parents & or Caretakers are taught to assist their class partners through a 10 step series for focus, strength, flexibility, and stability. This class will be $15 & that covers both the child & the adult.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

So here is the Situation

We will have to cancel the 630pm class tonite as well, just today 8/30. So here is the situation….

Yeah , that light is from outside. So this is what happened to the wall while the demolition of the building next door was underway. The city commissioner came by & an engineer, and we were advised to let them repair this before having class in the space again. It should be complete today, but just in case it isn’t the City booked the Amphitheater for our classes tomorrow. So for Friday’s classes we will meet at the studio, and we’ll either practice in the studio, or at the Amphitheater based on the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will keep you posted.

A little patch work 8/30

Due to the demolition going on… just on the other side of the studio wall (the city is taking down the building next door), we will have to cancel the Thursday 8am class just this week. We apologize for the late notice. We’ll keep you updated & look forward to seeing you in class!

Quick correction

Hello, a quick correction to the last post. The Classic 84 class is at 11am Wednesday’s, not 11pm 😁

With that out of the way, next the Labor Day Schedule will be posted, along with the info for the next session for Ayanna’s Kids Yoga Class!

Slight changes

We made some slight changes to the schedule for the Grand Opening. The Classic 84 has moved from Wednesday at 12pm to 11am. More Importantly Nicole will be teaching a wonderful Restorative Yoga Class on Monday’s at 5:30pm ! Also Donna will be teaching Lionflow L1 at 6:30pm on Thursday’s.

Check out the schedule page for the full week schedule.

Another slight change was made to individual class prices. It has been simplified as follow; the Lionflow L2 & the Classic 84 are $15, the Community class on Saturday’s at 11am is $5, and the rest of the regular schedule classes are $10. Packages cover all regular classes. Specialty classes & Workshops will be determined individually.

Lastly, Ayannas’ Kids Yoga class is going amazingly well, and we will be posting her next session & sign ups this weekend !

Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Sunday 1pm Canceled

The 1pm class on Sunday is canceled effective 7/29/18 . In its place will be pop up Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi classes & workshops.

The Fall Schedule will be posted tomorrow & will only have small changes to the present schedule.

Lastly the Grand Opening details will be announced this week! We look forward to seeing you in class!