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The link for the on demand page on the last post, for some reason lead to the Facebook page. I have since fixed the link on the post, but the one in your email probably leads to the wrong place. So here is the on demand link again & I triple checked it this time. Many blessings,



Hello Everyone,

We are living through a pandemic together. I will not assume to provide you with more information than the CDC, WHO, or the email blasts from Target, Big Lots, or Walgreens. It seems everyone is jumping in with their ” expertise “.

So on the simple side. The events at Naydu’s Wellness Center & Rainbow Blossom that I was going to teach this weekend have been canceled. Rescheduling will be under consideration as we move through the next couple weeks.

I will consider what to do with The Array Yoga Studio Schedule over this weekend. I have been developing an On Demand video website, and in the case of closure I will provide paid members a link for a free month of the on demand page, and will encourage you to build a home practice, and offer my service in this. This is my expertise.

For now if you feel sick do not come to class please & thank you. Class is held in my home, and we appreciate your consideration, and will reciprocate with clean door knobs, practice space, and closures if we are sick.

Please feel free to contact me with your practice related questions.

If you wish to go ahead & subscribe to the on demand site the link is below. Have a great weekend, and many blessings.


Thanksgiving Week Schedule

Array Yoga will be closed on Thanksgiving day, and will reopen for the evening classes on Friday. Friday evening class times have been adjusted slightly too. So for a clear view here is the Thanksgiving day Schedule listed below;

Thursday 11/28 – closed

Friday 11/29 – 5pm Advanced Lionflow, 6:45pm Lionflow Yoga Intro

Saturday – 10am Lionflow Yoga All Level Class.

More events, and the Winter schedule will be posted over the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for you! 🙏

Closed Halloween

Array Yoga Studio will be Closed for Halloween this Thursday 10/31/19. Since everyone loves their weekly Yin class we will have Yin Yoga tomorrow night for the Wild Card class Tuesday 10/29/19 @ 6:30pm. Have a Happy Halloween!

Classical 84 Workshop @ Hot Yoga Louisville

I’m excited to announce the two Classic 84 Workshop dates I’ll be teaching at Hot Yoga Louisville Oct. 26th & Nov. 9th from 3:30 to 5:30pm. You can preregister @ hotyogalouisville.com , or directly through Mindbody with this link – Preregister
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ends one week before each date. Type in ” 5off ” as you register for $5 off ! More details coming soon about the focus of each class. You’ll want to do both if you can. Have a great weekend !

Free Yoga Class this Saturday @ Floyd County Library

Free Yoga Class at Floyd County Public Library

Saturday September 28th in the Auditorium

Lead by Glenn Brown, Owner & Manager of Array Yoga Studio
Yoga for Home Practice – 12:30 – 2 pm

Here is a link to reserve your spot – Event Reservation

In this class we will explore several short series for home practice before going through an all level yoga class. Participants will receive a handout with the short series from class to help them develop their home practice. Not everyone can afford yoga class, but everyone can benefit from yoga, and more so with the knowledge of how to practice safely at home. A diligent home practice is a free way to reap the benefits of practice such as focus, flexibility, balance, strength, calmness, and healthy coping mechanisms. Not to mention you’ll feel more confident when you do go to class. All students are welcome to this class.

Extra mats will be available, and water will be provided, but please bring your own mat if possible so that there won’t be a shortage of mats

Back to the Home Studio

Well, it’s official now. We just did our last class in the Underground Station. As occupants anyway, but we have been invited to use the courtyard, so we’ll definitely do that in the future.

Array Yoga Studio will start up in my house again Monday, where it began over a decade ago as Lionflow Yoga Studio. I’m keeping the name Array Yoga for the studio since I enjoy teaching more than just Lionflow, though Lionflow Yoga will occupy most of the schedule since it is the style I created, and from my perspective it is the best way to build students up toward there best.

The Home Studio location will be posted on the website, and you will need to reserve your spot in class ahead of time. Instructions for that will also be listed on the website tonite. The website is array.yoga

Thank you everyone who contributed to making this piece of the journey. I am filled with gratitude as we move forward. Many blessings , much gratitude, and many thanks.

Moving Party

This Saturday we will have a Take out & Toast 🍻 Party at Array Yoga Studio at 12:15pm . We will take advantage of Alladdins Cafe & Roadrunners Kitchen, and the Farmers market, and have lunch & a Toast together to celebrate our time in the Underground Station. We will have free wine, but there are more options at the restaurants. So come celebrate with us this Saturday !

Array Yoga Studio is moving back to our home July 1st . It has also an honor & a wonderful experience being part of the Underground Station.

The schedule will remain as is for now as we adjust to the move, with the exception of Monday night. The 6:30pm Monday night is canceled due to schedule conflict.

We will also have a class on the 4th of July at a special time, but I will post more about the move, studio location, and 4th of July schedule after our last class at the Underground Station this Sunday morning.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

Sunday Workshops

Array Yoga Studio is having Workshops the next two Sundays. The details are below. Members get $10 off the listed prices!

Sunday 6/23 – 10am – 12pm Lionflow Yoga Workshop. Cost $30 . Covering alignment for class poses, instruction on dynamic movement, home practice, and guided Taoist Meditation.

Sunday 6/30 – 10am – 12pm Classic 84 Class & Posture Clinic. Cost $30. Covering the traditional 84 poses, alignment, adjustments, and variations .

Walk ins are welcome , but you can sign up & pay ahead of time with this link – Reserve Spot in Sunday Workshop

Happy International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day!

To celebrate International Yoga Day , Array Yoga Studio will donate half the proceeds of 4 Special classes to two different charities.

Half of the proceeds from the My Buddy & Me Partner Yoga Classes on Saturday June 22nd & 29th from 10 to 10:45 am will go to the Autism Society of Indiana.

This Partner Yoga class was developed for Autism & Caretakers, but is a fun environment & class for all children & Caretakers. My son, Rumi, and I developed this class together, and found it is also useful for his peers, and their parents/ caretakers. The class helps kids with special needs with the particular things they need while also providing a chance to connect personally with their Caretaker. This bond can be hard to find, and the class with its simple poses, relaxed approach, and moments of both silliness & accomplishment help build a deeper connect of trust, communication, and the ability to have fun together.

You can sign up for this class by following this link – Reserve My Buddy & Me Class

Half of the proceeds from the Sunday Workshops will go to USA Yoga Federation to help them carry the torch of the Yoga Championship where we can challenge ourselves & inspire each other. More information about the Sunday class will be posted tomorrow. Find us on Facebook for updates & direct links to donate to these none for profits.

Happy International Yoga Day!